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Invisalign in North Las Vegas, Nevada: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you considering Invisalign treatment in North Las Vegas, Nevada? You’re not alone! More and more people in the area are realizing the benefits and flexibility of Invisalign, and it’s becoming a popular choice for those seeking orthodontic treatment. This article will help you understand everything you need about Invisalign in North Las Vegas, from the benefits and process to choosing the right provider. Let’s get started!

Invisalign Treatment in North Las Vegas

Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment method that uses clear plastic aligners to straighten teeth. These aligners are custom-made for each patient and work by gradually shifting the teeth into their desired positions. The result is a more comfortable, discreet, and efficient way to achieve a straighter smile.

One main reason people choose Invisalign over traditional braces is its aesthetic appeal. The clear aligners are virtually invisible, making it easier for patients to feel confident while undergoing treatment. In addition, Invisalign aligners are removable, which means they can be taken out for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing – this makes maintaining oral hygiene easier and allows patients to enjoy their favorite foods without worry.

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

Several key differences between Invisalign and traditional braces make Invisalign a popular choice for many patients. Some of these differences include:

  • Aesthetics: Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, allowing for a more careful treatment than traditional metal braces.
  • Comfort: Invisalign aligners are made of smooth, flexible plastic, making them more comfortable to wear than braces with brackets and wires.
  • Oral health: The removability of Invisalign aligners makes it easier to maintain good oral hygiene throughout the treatment process, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Convenience: Invisalign aligners can be removed for special occasions or when eating, allowing greater flexibility during treatment.

Invisalign Process

Understanding the Invisalign process can help you feel more comfortable and prepared for your treatment. Here’s a step-by-step guide to what you can expect:

  1. Initial consultation: The first step is finding an Invisalign provider in North Las Vegas and scheduling a consultation. During this appointment, your orthodontist will determine if you’re a suitable candidate for Invisalign and discuss your treatment goals.
  2. Treatment plan: Using digital scans or dental impressions, your orthodontist will create a customized treatment plan. This will include a simulation of how your teeth will move over time and an estimate of the duration of your treatment.
  3. Creating the aligners: Your custom aligners will be made using 3D printing technology, ensuring a precise fit for your teeth.
  4. Wearing the aligners: You’ll wear each set for approximately two weeks, taking them out only to eat, drink, brush, and floss. As you progress through the aligners, your teeth gradually move into new positions.
  5. Monitoring progress: You’ll have check-up appointments with your orthodontist approximately every six to eight weeks to ensure your treatment progresses as planned.
  6. Retainers and post-treatment care: Once your active treatment is complete, you’ll wear retainers to maintain your new smile. Your orthodontist will instruct you how often to wear your retainers and any additional post-treatment care needed.

Top 4 Invisalign Companies in North Las Vegas

1. Boston Dental Group – North Las Vegas

Address: 6180 N Decatur Blvd #100, North Las Vegas, NV 89031

Phone: (702) 312-1000


2. Wild Smiles Dentistry & Orthodontics

Address: 2330 E. Lake Mead Blvd, North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Phone: (702) 307-7777


3. Image Dental & Orthodontics – North Las Vegas

Address: 4230 E Craig Rd #10, North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Phone: (702) 803-1787


4. Beautiful New Smiles

Address: 3016 W Charleston Blvd #180, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Phone: (702) 903-1770


Invisalign Providers in North Las Vegas: Things to Consider

Choosing the right Invisalign provider in North Las Vegas is crucial for a successful outcome. Here are some factors to consider when selecting your provider:

  • Experience and expertise: Look for an orthodontist who has extensive experience with Invisalign and has treated a wide range of case types.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials: Read reviews and testimonials from past Invisalign patients to understand their experiences with each provider.
  • Financing and payment options: Inquire about the cost of Invisalign treatment and available funding and payment options to find an affordable provider.
  • Office location and hours: Consider a provider with a convenient office location and flexible appointment hours to fit your schedule.
  • Available technology and resources: Choose a provider who utilizes the latest Invisalign technology and resources to ensure the best results.

Invisalign for Teens and Adults

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen is a specialized version of Invisalign treatment designed specifically for teenagers. It includes features such as compliance indicators that show if the aligners are being worn as prescribed and eruption tabs that accommodate the growth of new teeth. This makes it an ideal orthodontic solution for adolescents who may be self-conscious about wearing metal braces.

Invisalign for Adults

Invisalign is also famous for adults seeking orthodontic treatment, as it offers discreet and convenient teeth-straightening solutions that won’t interfere with their professional or personal lives. The treatment duration for adults can vary, but many patients see results in as little as 12 to 18 months.

Costs and Financing Options for Invisalign in North Las Vegas

The cost for Invisalign treatment in North Las Vegas can vary depending on factors such as the case’s complexity, the treatment duration, and the provider’s fees. On average, Invisalign treatment ranges from $3,000 to $7,000, with many patients finding it comparable in cost to traditional braces.

Many dental insurance plans cover a portion of the cost of Invisalign, just as they do for traditional braces. Be sure to check with your insurance company about your specific coverage options.

In addition to insurance, many Invisalign providers in North Las Vegas offer in-office financing and payment plans to help make treatment more affordable. During your initial consultation, discuss these options with your orthodontist.

Invisalign Results: Before and After

Invisalign is known for producing impressive results, with many patients in North Las Vegas sharing their transformation stories. Patients generally expect to see noticeable improvements in their smile within a few months. However, the total treatment results may only be visible once complete.

One main factor contributing to patient satisfaction and successful outcomes is compliance with the treatment plan. Wearing the aligners for the recommended 20-22 hours daily and attending regular check-up appointments can significantly impact the final results.

Finding the Right Orthodontist in North Las Vegas

Once you’ve decided to pursue Invisalign treatment in North Las Vegas, it’s time to find the right orthodontist to help you achieve your dream smile. Take the time to do thorough research by:

  • Checking online reviews: Look for orthodontists with positive thoughts, particularly from other Invisalign patients.
  • Asking for recommendations: Reach out to friends, family, or coworkers who have undergone Invisalign treatment to see if they have suggestions for a great provider.
  • Scheduling consultations: Schedule consultations with multiple potential providers to discuss your treatment goals and get a feel for each orthodontist’s approach, as well as their office environment and staff.

By taking these steps, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the Invisalign provider in North Las Vegas that best fits you and your orthodontic needs.


Embarking on your Invisalign journey in North Las Vegas can be an exciting and life-changing experience. By choosing the right provider and following your treatment plan, you’ll be on your way to a healthier, more confident smile.

Remember, the key to a successful outcome with Invisalign treatment is finding a skilled and experienced orthodontist who understands your goals and is committed to helping you achieve them. Armed with the information provided in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to a brilliant, straight smile with Invisalign treatment in North Las Vegas.